Personal Statement

Dear Sir or Madam,

Hong Kong movies of “Corps and Robbers” has casted a strong influence to me since early age. Meanwhile, I wondered why the rules, regulations and laws would limit some actions of people, and how it could be effectively help people to avoid and preclude evil deeds. Therefore, I carried with everlasting passion and keen interest in law and fortunately became a Law major in Zhengzhou University of Aeronautics in September 2012. In retrospect of my undergraduate stage, it was rewarding and pleasing. It is easy and free for me to be fully exposed to the specialized courses of law. I also witness my continuous progress within the three odd years with current average mark of 84.01%. More importantly, I clearly know that I have fallen in love with it and I want to further explore it after my undergraduate study draws a close next June. Besides, in this era of rapid economic development, versatile and multi-level talents are in urgent need to advance the business development of our country. Therefore, in order to gain more advantages for my future career, I would love to devote my time and energy to studying your Master program of Chinese Business Law.

The development of transnational economic brings much business progress for China. On the other side, it inevitably leads to transnational business dispute cases that greatly affect the stability and human civilization of China and even the entire world. I expect to make my own contribution to the development of business law of China by systematically studying a broad range of courses of your program that will offer me an opportunity to conduct advanced analysis of the major regulatory areas relating to international business conduct and learn advanced legal research methods, legal reasoning and communication. Furthermore, I am quite interested in your discussion classes in relevant with business and trade, financial regulation, international monetary affairs, transnational business and commercial tax.

I think my advantages in academic performance and practical experience could naturally benefit me in a great deal to study your program. Attentive and assiduous academic study gained me a sound knowledge foundation of law. I have had a good knowledge of international economic law, business and commercial law cases along with international business rules from course of International Economic Law. Beyond that, in my class, we often use mock-up courts to real experience the whole process of hearing a case. Thanks to the guidance of my teacher, I got many chances to be an audit to hear a case in international people’s count, and then to get conclusions and to write a report. Out of class, I would love to do some questionnaires about law to get to know the legal knowledge level of community residents. Apart from that, my internship in Zhengzhou Jingdong Law Firm realized me that lawyer could not be an armchair strategist, and theory knowledge is far from practice. Fortunately, I acquired much knowledge of law from the cases analysis of senior lawyers and the discussions with other interns.

For another, I am quite pleased with myself in English language. Learning English language since early age, I have been skilled in it. In my freshman year, I stood out among my peers by ranking as the top 2 student in the English test in Department of Law. It is easy for me to answer questions in English with clear thought and sharp language. What’s more, pursuit full-scale development gets me to enter “Outstanding Talents Class”, which sees my all-round competence and persistence as well.

Law system of Hong Kong adopts that of British and America, which would offer students systematic and comprehensive laws in a global perspective. The more I contact with law, the stronger my love to it become. In particular, self-study in financial and business knowledge has obtained me a good command of this area. Competence in logic and legal reasoning, thinking analysis, public speaking and effective argument will see my strengths in studying your program. Upon my completion from your university, I intend to promote the perfect of Chinese business law and popularize international law. In the long run, I will build up mu own law firm to benefit people in need.

Best wishes,

Zheng Xinran